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Introducing Jacob Price

Zeller Technologies welcomed Jacob Price at the beginning of June. We are so excited to have Jake bring his mechanical talents, experience, & skills to Zeller! Most recently, he worked as an Apprentice Technician for Peterbilt of St. Louis. Previous to that, he worked for Shaw Heavy Equipment.

Why Zeller & Hopes for This New CareerĀ 

Coming to Zeller as his next career move made a lot of sense to Jake for a few reasons. He highlighted that working for a small, family-owned business is what initially attracted him to Zeller. Jake also praised the fun working environment Zeller offers & his coworkers for being helpful since he started working here.

Jake concluded that he is excited to learn & grow into a long-term role in the motor shop. We here at Zeller only hope the same for him & we’re excited to see where this new career will take him! Welcome to the team Jake, we’re excited to have you.