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Predictive Maintenance

Solutions With Foresight

Prophetic & Protective Services

The Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) is our most unique & beneficial solution when measured in the tragedies it has prevented. Built upon over 90 years of institutional knowledge, we have designed a comprehensive process that isolates issues, misalignment & unbalanced conditions. We can predict upcoming issues & costly equipment failures, ensuring your operation has s a bright future.

Popular Applications

  • AC & DC Motors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Gearboxes

Infrared Thermography

This is the skill of using a state of the art Infrared camera to inspect your plants critical electrical and mechanical equipment. The technology will light up problematic areas as hotspots. Hotspots can reveal loose or corroded electrical connections. It’s accuracy & turn-around make Infrared Thermography a hot commodity among our clients.

  • Done during operation, requiring no down-time
  • We provide full system report & documentation
  • Ideal applications
    • High-voltage switchgear
    • Motor control centers
  • Transmission line
  • Main switchgear
  • Safety disconnects
  • Breaker panels
  • Lighting panels
  • Transformers

Laser Alignment

Employing the most accurate lasers in the industry, we can balance or align any revolving equipment, including bores. Our bore alignment is true-center measurement to the nearest 0.0001″. Then we are able to service any detected issues on-site by our laser-focused Technicians.

  • Alignment of rotating equipment
  • Bore alignment from 1.5″ to 30″
  • Motor removal & installation
  • Readout assistance documentation
  • Equipment serviced
    • Bores
    • Blowers
    • Fans
    • And So Much More

Preventative Maintenance Program

Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to isolate areas in your industrial systems that need attention. Whether you need periodic tests or regular & stringent testing for heavy-use machinery, we can custom-build a program to your industrial needs & operational requirements that allow you to maintain high levels of production.

All our programs come with detailed documentation.

  • Advanced Motor Diagnostics
  • Core Loss Testing with Lexesco Model 225
  • Corrections
  • Written Reports & Consultations
  • Motion Amplification
  • Dynamometer Testing
  • Surge Comparison Testing
  • D15000 Baker Surge Tester
  • Testing All Stator Windings
  • AC/DC Motor-Drive Inspections
  • DC Absorption Testing
  • Vibration Testing

Vibration Analysis

Zeller Technologies eliminates expensive, time-consuming guesswork by analyzing data from laser alignment, balancing, machine, and vibration evaluation with our GTI software. The correct course of action can be determined from a computerized summary of your machinery’s fitness.

  • On-Site Diagnosis of Mechanical Problems
  • Without Disassembly of Equipment

Motion Amplification Service

Inadvertent vibration is the number one enemy to any machine or equipment operation. Often so minuscule & disbursed, it can go undetected, until now. Equipped with RDI’s pixel-based camera sensors & our AI software, we can now see every micro-vibration in your operation, on a grand scale.

Delivers real-time video for instant decision making by

  • Dramatizing harmful vibrations with pinpoint accuracy
  • Visualizing vibration’s interrelationships & communicates them
  • Measuring & quantifying mechanical or structural assets
  • Troubleshooting specific current or future problems
Measures deflection, displacement, movement with no physical connection or operational disruption, making it great for:

  • Screening
  • Fault-finding
  • Baseline or commissioning
  • Pre/Post repairs
  • Pre/Post retrofits

Aligned With Your Needs

Tom Rudloff – Manager

314.638.9641 x.259
[email protected]

Repair: Ship To

4250 Hoffmeister Ave
St. Louis, MO 63125

  • Drive & Control Repair
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Energy Efficiency & Power Analysis
  • Switchgear Testing & Upgrading
  • Panel Shop Fabrication
  • Panel Assembly Services
  • UL508a
  • AutoCAD
  • PLC Programming
  • System Integration
  • Laser Alignment
  • Balancing
  • Predictive & Preventative Maintenance
Service Areas
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana