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Electric Motors

Powerful Solutions

Coming Through In The  Clutch

Electric motor repair has been the backbone of our company since 1931. Over time we’ve fostered close relationships as an authorized service center for most major manufacturers of AC/DC motors, gearboxes & clutches. This allowed us to build a network of large inventories, offer the best prices, and provide superior service.

Services That’ll AMP You Up

Our AC/DC Motor Techs execute a strict regiment of disassembly, load testing, balancing, assembly, and quality control checks before being stamped with our seal of approval. Yet this time-tested process does not slow us down. We offer same-day & overnight repair.

  • On-site or shop repair on all AC/DC makes & models
  • Authorized UL (re)certification
  • Routine checks for AC core & core loss
  • On-site or shop repair on welding equipment
  • Complete servicing for air or water-cooled clutches
  • Repair pump motors & hazardous heavy-duty motors
  • Reports & repair estimates for your records
  • Factory authorized motor warranty repair
  • Rewind of AC/DC motors to EASA specifications
    • 5000 HP – 4160 volt AC motors
    • AC slip ring rotors
    • Formed coil & mush-coil (random wound)
    • Large synchronous motors
    • DC armatures & fields
Fan Cover
Cooling Fan
Fan Clamp
End Plate
Stator & Iron Frame
Terminal Box
Squirrel-Cage Rotor
Ball Bearing
End Shield

Advanced  Motor Diagnostics

Know before they go. Our Advanced Motor Diagnostics Service is an advancement on PDMA services, utilizing both motor circuit analysis & electrical signature analysis providing data on key metrics to fix or prevent motor downtime.

  • This predictive maintenance program can find or prevent:
    • Turn-to-turn
    • Coil-to-coil
    • Phase-to-phase
    • Open phases
    • Burned/contaminated windings
    • Poor connections
    • Broken/cracked rotor bars
    • Voids
    • Rotor eccentricity
    • Grounded windings
    • Cable faults
  • Non-destructive & portable, continuous operation or offline testing diagnostics for:
    • AC induction motors
    • DC motors
    • Generators
    • Wound rotor motors
    • Synchronous motors
  • Network of specialty motor partners:
    • Servos
    • Steppers
    • Spindles

Dynamic Balancing

Our experienced Pros can service equipment with precision & speed using dynamic balancing technologies. Deposit build-up, distortion as well as general wear & tear can wreak havoc on any motor. The cost of avoiding this critical maintenance is incalculable, saving on repairs, parts & downtime.

  • We balance all rotating equipment of major manufacturers for:
    • Blowers
    • Mixers
    • Fans
    • Rotors
    • Armatures
    • Combine Blades
    • Specialty equipment
    • Production equipment
  •  Service & documentation providing data with a goal to:
    • Increase machine life
    • Boost product quality
    • Reduce down-time
    • Improve energy use
    • Minimize vibration
    • Reduce noise
    • Ease structural stresses
    • Improve operator fatigue

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4250 Hoffmeister Ave
St. Louis, MO 63125

  • Motor repair
  • Motor rewind
  • Motor balancing
  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Pump repairs
  • Fan repairs
  • Gearbox repairs
  • So much more
Service Areas
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Arkansas
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana

Our Incredible Service Promise

Keeping our customers as the priority, we back all our work, products, and parts. Transparent and forthcoming reports, and straightforward advice is what has allowed our family business to not just survive, but thrive over the past century.