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Introducing Mr. Mike Shrum,

Our latest addition to the growing Zeller Family. We’re so excited to announce another industry expert has joined our Crane & Hoist service team!

Industry Experience 

Mike is no stranger to Zeller Technologies, as he’s worked with Zeller for over 20 years as a customer. 

Zeller was his go to for technical support and crane parts in his previous role at Metals USA. However, when Metals USA closed its doors years ago, Mike then began his new career as a crane tech. Most recently, Mike worked for TriState, a crane builder & lifting device company serving the midwest region for the past 2.5 years. So he brings with him excellent industry experience.

Mike has spent a lot of time traveling around the country erecting cranes & servicing regional customers. However, he was missing his time at home in  St. Louis. He has a loving family at home; his wife, three sons, (ages 28, 22, and 19), a 6 year old grandson, and 2 year old princess of a granddaughter. Mike says his grandkids are the best thing that has ever happened to him! So, he’s excited to be closer to home so he can spend the quality time he wants with them.

Why Zeller & Hopes for This New Career 

When choosing Zeller as his next career path, there were certain attributes that stood out to Mike in making his decision. Mike feels that Zeller allows his strengths to be utilized, but also his love of helping people with their cranes & hoists. This job allows the opportunity to serve new customers and provide for his family of course!

Mike hopes that as part of the team, he can tap into & share his potential in order to help Zeller grow! He’s at the point in his life where he’s ready to settle in, and wants to retire at a good company. Zeller seems to fit this mold. Mike also hopes that in return, the company will benefit from his work ethic and desire to perform quality work. Being able to come home safe was another deal maker for Mike, and Zeller provides him with that security. He’s excited & thankful to be part of the team. Ditto Mike! Welcome to the team.

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