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Introducing Sara Vanecek,

We’re so excited to introduce, Sara Vanecek, our newest Client Success Manager! We’ve continued to grow our team with ambitious individuals throughout 2021, and we are thrilled to add Sara to that list.

Industry Experience

Choosing a new career isn’t always an easy choice, but from the first time Sara walked through Zeller’s doors, she felt right at home.

Sara had applied and received several call backs from numerous companies. She performed research to decide which company was the right fit for her and her family. Based on the information she’d accumulated, Zeller had great reviews from not only its’ clients, but its; employees as well.

Lucky for us, the moment Sara walked through Zeller’s doors, she claims she felt welcomed & continued to feel the sense of community we have here by watching the employees at work. She could tell they were happy here.

Who is Sara Vanecek?

Originally, Sara started in the administrative field and for the last 6 years has been working in the Granite & Marble Fabrication Industry. She started in an admin position, then moved to production, eventually landing sales.

Sara is 37 and a St. Louis native; born and raised in South County. She comes from a big family, with two older brothers, and two younger sisters. Now, she has a family of her own; two daughters. One just graduated high school and is attending Mizzou this fall, the other is twelve, enjoying life as middle schooler. Sara loves anything involving the outdoors and running.

Sara's hopes for the future with Zeller.

Sara hopes to learn as much as she can about the industry and the way Zeller goes about conducting its’ business. She also hopes to grow with the company for many years to come. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Sara to our Zeller Family; we know she’s bringing so much to the table & can’t wait to see her grow here!